Why Choose Biology?

The Department of Biology prides itself on offering courses that cover many disciplines within biology and spanning many organisms from bacteria to humans. We have an established graduate record beginning with our first Honours student who donned their mortarboard in 1915. Students have successfully obtained post-graduate degrees in academia (M.Sc., Ph.D), medical school (M.D.), education, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and a host of other vocations. Our success stems from a dedicated faculty and staff who deliver relevent, vibrant, and interesting courses often with hand-on laboratories.

Our focus on student-centered learning, and our dedication to undergraduate research are only a few of the reasons why so many of our graduates move on to successful careers.

Faculty Expertise

Our faculty have expertise extending from molecules to ecosystems, and our course offerings reflect this diversity. Students may choose from a variety of courses, but we also provide some guidelines for course Themes in case you are interested in a particular subdiscipline of biology.

Hands-on Laboratory Experience

The study of whole organisms is a key component of many laboratories, but we also have labs concentrating on molecules (molecular biology), cells, and physiology where whole organisms are secondary. Most labs are enhanced with a good balance of outdoor and indoor activities. Because of the diversity of local habitats and preserved specimens available from the E.C Smith Herbarium and the Acadia Wildlife Museum, we are never without suitable teaching materials even in winter!

Small Upper-level Classes

With small upper-level classes, students are not a number in biology, but individuals. Students receive one-on-one attention from instructors, teaching assistants, and technicians who are available for any assistance you require.

Honours and Research Topics

The Honours program offers students the chance to do research, solve problems, and acquire writing skills beyond what they receive from classes and labs. This program allows students to work closely with their supervisor, most often a faculty member, and provides students with an advantage when seeking further academic degrees.