Scholarships & Awards

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Applications due 20 June 2022

A separate form is used for The Clarke K. McLeod Pre-Medical Scholarships (it will appear here when ready!). See description below.

Scholarships & Awards Summary
Name of Award # Eligible Applicants Discipline Value*
Chipman Achievement 1 3rd Year Premed student Pre-medicine $2515
Roy A. Jodrey Scholarship 1 3rd or 4th Year Biol, Chem, Geol, Phys $1895
Geldart Milner Memorial Sch. 1 Both Premed/Predental $100
Murdock C. Smith in Marine Biology 1 3rd or 4th Year Marine Biology $663
IUGB Wildlife Research Award 1 Biol Hons. or Grad Wildlife Biology $1132
Deacon George Thomas 1 Any Premedicine $1015
Dr. J. Murray Beardsley
2 Preferably Honours; Grad students can apply Biology $2500
Harry T. Walker
4 3rd or 4th Year Premed/Predental $4520
Dr. Francis M. Archibald
2 Undergraduate Biology $1080
Alden B. Dawson
1-2 Honours or Graduate Biology $2500
Susan Smith Memorial (Class of 1972) 1 Female Biology Premedical $1450
Margaret McCarthy Research
2 3rd Year Environmental Biology $1225 each
Flt. Sgt. Harold T. McGrath 1 Undergrad Premed $ 810
Dr. Muriel Roscoe Memorial 1 Honours or Masters Botany $ 598
Clarke K. McLeod Pre-Med
20 2nd – 4th year Pre-med Varying $$
Harry E. Felch 1 Graduate Preference:Kings Co. resident $8000
Robie Tufts Research Scholarship 1 Graduate Ornithology (preference)


* Approximate values


The Roy A. Jodrey Scholarship in Science ($1895)

A scholarship of $1895 was established by the late Roy A. Jodrey (D.C.L. Acadia, ’63) of Hantsport, Nova Scotia, to be awarded annually to a student entering the junior or senior year of a Bachelor of Science program in biology, chemistry, geology or physics.

Murdock C. Smith Scholarship in Marine Biology ($633)

A scholarship of approximately $663 endowed by the late Murdock C. Smith of Lynn, Massachusetts, to enable one or two students in biology to spend a summer session in the study of marine biology at an institution approved by the Department. Students whose work is satisfactory will receive credit towards their Acadia graduate degree. If there is no eligible fourth-year student, the Department of Biology may recommend a student of the third year.

IUGB Wildlife Research Award ($1132)

$1132 is provided annually through the generosity of the International Union of Game Biologists XX1 Congress, to a student completing research in the field of sustainable use of wildlife. Recipients will be chosen on the basis of the quality and importance of the proposed research as well as their enthusiasm, commitment and broad abilities in wildlife management. The award is dedicated to the memory of David Cartwright and Cyril Coldwell, two unselfish mentors who nurtured many budding wildlife biologists.

The Harry Elmore Felch Fellowships in Science

The Harry Elmore Felch Fellowship ($8000 in 1997-98), provided from the estate of Mr. Harry Elmore Felch, is awarded to a student in the Master of Science program. An annual award will normally be made to an incoming student who has attained a high academic standing in her or his undergraduate program. Preference will be given to residents of Kings County, Nova Scotia.

The Robie Tufts Research Scholarship in Biology ($2910)

A scholarship of value $2910 awarded on the recommendation of the Department of Biology to an M. Sc. Student specializing in Ornithology. The scholarship is intended to assist the student in thesis research, and may be awarded for either the summer or fall/winter sessions. If in any year there is no qualified student in Ornithology, the scholarship may be awarded to any graduate or undergraduate research student in Biology.

Dr. J. Murray Beardsley Research Scholarships in Biology (2 @ ~$2500)

Two scholarships of approximately $2500 each, provided by the Grace Beardsley Trust Fund, are awarded on the recommendation of the Department of Biology to students in the Honours in Biology program. The scholarships are awarded at the end of the third year and are intended to enable the recipients to participate in a summer research program that will form the basis of their Honours Theses. If in any year either scholarship is not awarded to an Honours student, it may be awarded to a student enrolled in the Masters program in Biology.

Dr. Francis M. Archibald Scholarship (2 @ $1080)

Two scholarships of $1080 each are awarded annually to continuing undergraduate students majoring in biology on recommendation of the Department. Recipients may hold the scholarships for more than one year. Dr. Archibald graduated Bachelor of Science Acadia, 1919.

The Alden B. Dawson Scholarship

One or two scholarships are awarded annually for advanced study in biology, to a Master’s or Honours student. Dr. Alden B. Dawson (B.A. Acadia, 1915; Ph.D. Harvard, 1918; D.Sc. Acadia, 1938) was a distinguished professor of Anatomy and Zoology at Harvard University.

Margaret McCarthy Research Scholarship in Environmental Biology

Two scholarships awarded on the recommendation of the Biology Department to a third year Honours Biology student (planning on entering the fourth year) or a Graduate Student. Students should be working on a research topic related to Environmental Biology and leading to an Honours degree or Masters degree. The scholarships are intended to fund research undertaken during the summer months (May 1 to September 1).

Dr. Muriel Roscoe Memorial Scholarship in Biology

Is awarded on recommendation of the Department of Biology to a student in a science degree program. Preference will be given to a botany student who is working towards an Honours or Masters degree in Biology. The scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Muriel V. Roscoe (B.A’18. Hon ’48) an eminent scholar and educator who influenced successive generations to major scientific accomplishments. Dr. Roscoe taught in the Biology Department at Acadia for 14 years beginning in 1926 and later joined the Botany Department at McGill University where she served as chair for many years.


Health Profession Students

Clarke McLeod Pre-Medical Scholarship (Application Form: PDF | Word)

The Clarke McLeod Pre-medical Scholarship may be awarded to selected students who have completed at least one year of study at Acadia, are registered in a Bachelor's degree program and are following the pre-medical program prescribed by McGill University. Prerequisite courses include: BIOL 1113/1123, CHEM 1013/1023 or 1113/1123, PHYS 1053/1063 or 1013/1023 and CHEM 2513. Applicants must be registered for at least a 30-hour course load in the current academic year (20/21) at Acadia and maintain an average of at least A- on all university courses, with no grades less than B-. With the exception of courses taken in the Winter 2020 term, Grades of "Pass/Fail", "Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory" or similar schema are not acceptable in coursework; numerical or letter-class grades are required.

The Chipman Achievement Award ($2515)

$2515 is presented annually to a premedical student in year three of the Bachelor of Science degree program in Biology who has not received entrance scholarship funding, who has shown significant academic improvement in year two and shows superior promise of success in and suitability for an M. D. program. The financial support is provided by Curtis H. Chipman, a friend and benefactor to Acadia.

Geldart Milner Memorial Scholarship ($100)

$100 is provided by Mrs. Kathleen Milner Geldart in memory of her parents, Kenneth Wellington Milner and Martha Steeves Milner, and her sister, Olive Blossom Milner, is available to a needy and deserving student preparing for the Christian ministry, medicine or dentistry.

Deacon George Thomas Scholarship ($1015)

$1015 is endowed by Harold Thomas, M. D. (B.A. Acadia, 1910), is to be awarded to "a worthy student of the University intent on a career in medicine."

Harry T. Walker Scholarship

The income of approximately $4520 from an endowment is to be used annually to assist premedical or predental students of the third or fourth year who are of good moral character and of sound scholarship. Preference will be given to having one recipient from Colchester County, Nova Scotia.

Susan Smith Memorial Scholarship (Class of 1972) ($1450)

A scholarship of $1450 established by the Class of 1972 in memory of Susan Louise Smith of Windsor, Nova Scotia (Acadia, 1969-71) is to be awarded to a deserving female student who intends to enter medical school. The scholarship is awarded to a student on recommendation of the Head of the Biology Department.

Flt. Sgt. Harold T. McGrath Scholarship

Is awarded annually to a deserving and superior premedical student who plans to enter a School of Medicine. The scholarship cannot be held for more than one year. It was endowed in 1989 through the Estate of Dr. J. P. McGrath (D.C.L. Acadia, 1972).