The title should consist of a few well-chosen words indicating the subject of the report. "Well-chosen" means that the title reflects the scope of your report accurately; do not call your paper "Effects of Chemicals on Animals" if you actually studied “Dietary Supplements of Vitamins A and D and their Effect on the Pelage of Rats”.

The title should be placed at the top of your report with the names of the authors under the title (there could be several if you wrote the report as a group). Other pertinent information should be positioned in the upper left and right corners of the page either within a header, or just at the top of the first page. A typical configuration may look as follows: 


Title Formatting

  • Title – centred, can be a larger font size, can be bold
  • Other information – right or left justified, font size 12
  • Do not include a cover page
  • Do not include a box around text (the example above is showing page outlines)