Bio Society

The Acadia Biology Society (Bio Society) is a student-run organization open to all Biology students at Acadia. The Biology Society focuses on academic and social issues that interest the students within the Biology department. In addition, the Society acts as a liaison between the faculty and the students of the department, with a representative present at each faculty meeting, ready to be a voice for Biology students when necessary.

Student Mentorship Program

The student mentorship program is available to all Biology majors. This program pairs 1st or 2nd year students with 3rd or 4th year students to act as a resource and to help each student early in their program to succeed. Your mentor will help with managing course selection, preparing for mid-terms and finals, and getting advice and help on other program components, as well as making each student feel a part of the Acadia community.


The Bio Society also hosts various events, allowing students to meet and socialize with other Biology majors. Some of these events include the Biology Banquet, Mud Sliding, Bio Assassins, Biology vs. Engineering hockey game and much more!

The Society also sells and distributes Biology clothing.

Weekly meetings are held in the Biology Building and are open to any student who wishes to attend.


Bio Society Executive

Any biology student can join the Bio Society and be elected to its executive.

Presidents: Jad Issa and Tyler Pesket
Vice-President Student Mentorship: Sarah Hobbs
Vice-President Communications: Laura Graham
Vice-President Events: Lauren Leefe
Vice-President Finance: TBA
Vice-President Faculty Liaison: TBA
1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Year Representatives