Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduates that major in biology take a series of core courses called the "Biology Core" that will introduce them to the major disciplines with biology. The Biology Core is completed by the end of year two and is taken in conjunction with other required courses in math and chemistry. Students round out their biology degree by choosing from 60+ courses on general and specific topics ranging from the very tiny microbes to the very large plants and mammals in terrestrial, aquatic, or aerial environments. Suggested courses for a liberal science degree or more specialized paths are presented below.

All 3rd and 4th year courses are not offered in all years. We do our best to predict and schedule when courses will be available. See this document: Biology Courses 2018-2021.

For a complete list and descriptions of Biology courses visit the Registrar.

Biology Core

All students who major in biology will take these core courses. Other courses will build upon this core as noted by the "+" sign in the degree requirements below.

BIOL 1113 & 1123 Organisms and Their Environment 1 & 2
BIOL 2013 Cell Biology
BIOL 2043 Biodiversity of Plants and Algae
BIOL 2053 Microbial Diversity
BIOL 2073 Animal Diversity

Each course in biology counts for 3 credit hours (3h) and many courses have hands-on laboratories; some with live animals! A minor in chemistry, physics, or geology must include at least 6h in courses with a laboratory - many biology courses satisfy this requirement. Additional courses are required within biology to obtain a major as per the outlines below.