Course Codes

Course numbering – A course number has four characters (lab courses have four characters plus an ‘L’) and a section number. The first digit in the course number indicates the year of study in which a course is usually taken. BIOL 1113 A1 is a first year course which is offered in the fall term and is worth 3h credit. Some courses have a required laboratory, studio, or discussion group in addition to lecture time. You will need to register for the lab in addition to the course. Labs generally have 0h credit.

Example: BIOL 1110L B1

BIOL = Subject area

  • Also known as discipline. Disciplines are grouped by faculty (Arts, Science, and Professional Studies).

1110L = Department course/lab number

  • First number is the year in which the course/lab is usually taken(1 = first year, 2 = second year, etc.)
  • Second and third numbers partly form the unique course identifier
  • L at the end designates a lab; no letter at the end designates a lecture course
  • 0 in the fourth column is the number of credit hours (except KINE activity courses, with a value of 1.5 credit hours, represented by a letter. e.g. KINE 185A is a 1.5 credit hour course). We often write the hours for a course as, for example 3h. Labs have 0h because they are attached to a 3h course.

B = Section

  • B designates which section of a course (A, B, C, etc.)
  • X deisgnates there is only one section = no choice

1 = Term

  • 1 = first term (Sept to Dec)
  • 2 = second term (Jan to Apr)
  • 0 = full year (Sept to Apr) There are very few courses that are 3 credit hours which are taught all year.