The following chart outlines the registration process.

Registration Process

In order to register one must first log in. The Log in button is at the top of the registration page.

If this is your first time logging into your account then you must press the ‘forgot password’ option to create a password. Once you have received the email with instructions on how to change your password follow the instructions on the email then proceed to log in.tl_files/sites/biology/images/reg 1.png


Once logged in click Backpack. There you will see that you are already registered for BIOL 1113, 1123 and CHEM 1013, 1023.  These courses are your required courses.tl_files/sites/biology/images/reg 2.png


Now you must add 6 more courses to your backpack (3 for the fall term and 3 for the winter term). To do so select timetable then select the faculty (pure and applied sciences, arts and professional studies) in which you would like to take a course from. If the course is red that means the class is full so you will not be able to register for it.

Each faculty has a number of disciplines that you can choose from…

Arts: Art, Classics, Comparative Religion, Economics, English, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, French, German, Greek, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Latin, Music Philosophy, Political Science, Social and Political Thought, Sociology, Spanish, Theater, Women’s and Gender Studies.

Pure and Applied Science: Applied Science, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Cooperative Education, Environmental Science, Geology, Geomatics, Mathematics and Statistics, Nutrition, Physics, and Psychology.

Professional Studies: Business Administration, Communication, Education, Kinesiology, Recreation Management, SRMK Common Courses.

tl_files/sites/biology/images/reg 3.png


Select those in which you are interested in or that fill your degree requirements. When selecting courses you must keep in mind that there could be conflicts with other courses that you have selected. To understand the course codes of the courses you would like to add to your backpack, please read the Course Code section below.


Once you have clicked ‘add’ on a course return to your backpack and select the courses that you would like to register for then select the register button, now you have completed your registration for the courses that you have selected.


If you would like to know more about the registration process please visit the Guide to Choosing First Year Courses or contact the registrar’s office, 902-585-1222.