Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add or drop a course?

You can add and drop/withdraw courses in the Online Registration module. Log in at Acadia Central and choose 'Online Registration' in the left menu. Adding courses to your "Backpack" takes place under the Timetable link. Registering them with the university and dropping/withdrawing courses can be done under the Backpack link. You may get a message saying "You cannot drop this course. Do you wish to withdraw?" Choose "Yes" to drop the course. See the Help link in Online Registration for further help.

If you do not have the normal requirements to enter a course, you will require permission to enter a course. Please see the department of the course (for example, HIST is the History Department).

How do I choose an elective?

Elective courses count toward your degree but do not fulfill any particular degree requirement. Electives can be in whatever interests you and fits in your schedule. The Registrar's Office, your department or even your best friend cannot tell you what to take for electives. Think of areas outside your program in which you might be interested and choose those areas for your electives.

How do I declare a minor?

You do not officially declare your minor, however you do need to have a minor for your degree requirements. All BA and BSc students must have a minor. A minor is a secondary area of concentration consisting of 12-24h credit (in most cases 3h=1course)depending on the faculty and discipline.

How do I register at Acadia after I have been away?

Once you have been away from campus for over two full academic years, you will need to re-apply online. When making your application, please send along any official transcripts of academic work as well as an updated resume. If you have been away for two years you are eligible to register. Please contact your academic department for advising.

How do I register for extra courses (overload)?

To overload, you need permission from your Department Head or Director. The Department Head will need to send an email to registrar@acadiau.caapproving an overload. If your sessional grade point average from your previous session (Fall/Winter) was 2.5 or greater, you will automatically be permitted to take 33 credit hours. If it was 3.0 or greater, your record will be set to allow 36 credit hours. First Year students may register in no more than 30h.

How do I see in what I am registered?

Your registration is at Log in and choose Online Registration from the left menu. Once in Online Registration, choose Information to get a list of your courses, times, etc. or Schedule to have them show on a timetable.

In the timetable, I can't see all the courses I think should be there.

When using the Advanced Search functions of the timetable, the days of the week are linked with an AND, rather than an OR. Choose as few days as possible to keep your search open. Otherwise, you will be trying to choose courses offered on a day AND another day.

My course does not show in Acorn, but I am registered - what do I do?

Instructors need to make courses "available to students" in Acorn. If you can’t see a particular course when you log into Acorn, your instructor probably has not made it available yet. If you still can’t see your course after it has been made available and you have logged out of and back into Acorn, please contact the Service Desk 902-585-HELP (4357) or for assistance.

The course I want is full or I don't meet the requirements. What do I do?

If the course is an elective, you are encouraged to choose another course. If it's a requirement for your program in your particular year, see your department.

What is a normal course load for Fall or Winter Term?

The normal course load for full-time undergraduate students in the fall/winter term is thirty credit hours (30h), or fifteen hours (15h) per term, although some programs require a higher normal course load (Applied Science and Music, for example). The course load for part-time undergraduate students in the fall/winter term is less than nine credit hours (9h) per term.
If your sessional grade point average for the previous year (fall/winter term) is between 2.5 and 2.99, you are automatically authorized to take a 3 hour (3h) overload. If it is 3.0 or higher, you are automatically authorized to take a 6 hour (6h) overload. Other students need permission of their department head to take overloads. First year students may register in no more than 30h unless required by their program (Engineering, Music).

Will dropping a course affect my scholarship?

Please review your scholarship letter carefully before dropping any courses as you may be required to take 30 hrs of classes. If you have any questions about scholarships, please contact the Scholarship and Financial Aid office, 902-585-1574 or

I am in Group C and want to switch to Group B to register. Can I do this?

No, to ensure those students who are closest to graduation have the chance to register for their required courses, groups are generated according to the number of credits you have completed.  Group A is for students expected to graduate with >= 81 credit hours completed. Group B students have completed between 54 and 81 credit hours. Group C is all other returning students and Group D is incoming students. Groups are based on assuming successful completion of your current courses. Group changes are not permitted.

The course I'm trying to register for has an academic level restriction. I think I should be in that year.

Academic levels are based on completed credit hours. (During registration, they are based on the number of hours you would complete if you successfully completed the courses in which you are currently enrolled.) You may be going into your second year of study, but not have enough credit hours completed to be a second year student by academic level. The academic levels are year 1 has 0-24 hrs completed; year 2 has 25-54 hrs completed; year 3 has 55-84 hrs completed; year 4 has 85-114 hrs completed.