Seminar Series

The Biology Seminar Series has existed for just about as long as anyone remembers. It provides a forum for rich and diverse presentations in biology from esteemed colleagues at Acadia and abroad. The seminar series is organized each semester by a dedicted group of graduate students.

About 1 week before each talk, titles will be posted here. Topics are placeholders meant to spark interest.

Upcoming Seminars Winter 2016

Location: BAC 142 (Beveridge Arts Centre)
Time: 11:30 AM

Date Presenter and Title/Topic
21-Jan-2016 Dr. Aaron Spares (Acadia)
"THERE AND BACK AGAIN: An evaluation of fishway passage and spawning migration survival for alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus)"
28-Jan-2016 Dr. Ian Spooner (Acadia)
"Applied Paleolimnology"
Dr. Spooner is an environmental scientist with a geoscience background, whose research focuses on investigating environmental change using abiotic and biotic proxies in sediment archives
4-Feb-2016 Dr. Ryan Stanley (Dal/BIO, Canadian Healthy Oceans Network)
"Exploring the world of larval lobsters: looks, behaviour and why it all matters"
10/11-Feb-2016 Biofeedback
2-day-long series of Honours students presentations. Location TBA.
18-Feb-2016 No Seminar
Study Break
25-Feb-2016 Peter Sykes (Aquaculture Association)
"The Nova Scotia Aquaculture Industry: poised for growth through R&D collaborations"
3-Mar-2016 Dr. Heather Major (UNB)
"Habitat modification as a means of restoring Aethia auklet colonies"
10-Mar-2016 Dr. Russell Easy (Acadia)
"Stress. What is it good for? Lessons from crickets, caterpillars, and fish!"
17-Mar-2016 Dr. Russell Wyeth (St. FX)
Two tales of attraction and avoidance: stopping the squirts and navigation by snails
24-Mar-2016 Dr. Nicolas Lecomte (U. de Moncton)
Polar and boreal ecology
31-Mar-2016 Dr. Hugh Broders (St. Mary's)
Social and population biology of temperate bats
7-Apr-2016 Dr. Nick Hill (Fern Hill Conservation)
Canada's rarest plant... What's it good for?